Blockchain Loyalty 2nd Edition Available Now

Blockchain Loyalty 2nd Edition provides deep insight into how blockchain and cryptocurrencies are disrupting loyalty and reinventing marketing around the world. Written by Philip Shelper with contributions by Piper Alderman.

Blockchain can be applied to loyalty programs in two main ways. Firstly, instead of traditional points and miles, loyalty programs can reward members with cryptocurrency, a new type of digital currency with a value which constantly adjusts based on speculative investor behaviour and the market forces of supply and demand. Secondly, an enterprise blockchain platform can be integrated with a loyalty management system to facilitate secure, real-time, auto-reconciled transactions, generating business efficiencies and an improved member experience.

Blockchain Loyalty 2nd Edition features:

the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
– the history of loyalty currencies
– a world-first blockchain loyalty research project
– interviews with blockchain loyalty companies
the essentials of running an Initial Coin Offering
– business models including tax and legal considerations
blockchain marketing gamification basics
– enterprise-level applications by major loyalty programs
 an overview of blockchain loyalty technology

PHILIP SHELPER has over 13 years’ experience within the loyalty industry, including roles at Qantas Frequent Flyer and Vodafone, as well as running Australia’s leading loyalty management consultancy, Loyalty & Reward Co. Phil is an Advisory Board member of the Australian Loyalty Association. He also manages, a global blockchain loyalty resource centre.

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