Blockchain Loyalty News | Review of Tapcoin by Hooch | Stacey’s Stars

This month, I’ve reviewed the Tapcoin by Hooch experience.

What I like about this blockchain loyalty program is, there are existing customers, existing merchants and existing big-name advertisers, prior to the cryptocurrency reward, Tapcoin, being introduced to consumers. This is where most blockchain loyalty companies have failed, and is a huge advantage to have in place before launch

The app and user experience is well designed and has an audience of 200,000 already engaging with it. Tapcoin layers nicely over the existing program and it will be interesting to see whether Tapcoin as a rewards currency can increase engagement levels. Listen to my video for a full review.

Stacey Lyons is the Marketing Director at Loyalty & Reward Co, a leading loyalty management consulting agency based in Sydney. Stacey has years of experience within loyalty, marketing and eCommerce across multiple channels and business models. Most recently, Stacey has been managing the investor, member and retailer communications for blockchain loyalty company EZToken Rewards.

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