Down The Rabbit Hole podcast, deep dive into blockchain loyalty with guest Philip Shelper

Down the Rabbit Hole is an easy to understand podcast on the blockchain and beyond, by Tim Lea.

Season 1, Episode 5 is all about the blockchain loyalty industry.

In this episode Tim speaks with two guests and experts in the blockchain loyalty space:

  1. Philip Shelper

CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co and the author of the world’s first book on blockchain loyalty, Blockchain Loyalty: Disrupting Loyalty and Reinventing Marketing Using Cryptocurrencies. Phil is a loyalty consultant currently working across the industry with different companies on exploring applications of blockchain across loyalty programs, both in the front end (where a company may be using a cryptotoken to power the program) as well as in the back end (where we’re integrating with loyalty platforms in order to facilitate better transactions across different systems).

  1. Mike Bacina

Partner at Piper Alderman Lawyers who heads up their Blockchain Group and has extensive experience in the loyalty space. Mike has a wealth of programming experience together with an interest in crypto-economics, which provides clients a valuable advantage in dealing with the legal issues around cryptocurrency and blockchain. Mike is also on the advisory board of Liven.

Tim, Phil and Michael discuss how successful the loyalty industry has been in embracing the blockchain, and ultimately unpack the question, ‘will loyalty be the next currency?’

Listen to the full episode here.