Pigzbe successfully completes ICO with $8.8m raise

The creators of Pigzbe, the digital piggy-wallet for children aged 6 and up, have announced the completion if their Wollo token ICO, which managed to hit their hard cap in a very tough environment for ICO’s.

Filippo Yacob, Founder & CEO (and self-styled Piggy-In-Chief), posted on Medium, ‘It’s with great, great pleasure that I can announce to you all the successful close of our initial coin offering. Across private buyers, shareholders, public buyers and syndicates, we successfully sold 175 million tokens representing 25.9% of all tokens, reaching our hard cap of $8.85m!’

Wollo token will be listed on Bitfinex at no cost to the Pizbe team after they won the ICO Race in Lugano in June of this year.

The  whitepaper describes Pigzbe as “a friendly, tangible financial assistant that will teach children the principles of modern money in an exciting and safe system that harnesses children’s natural drive to learn through self-correcting, practical experimentation . . . Think of Pigzbe as a tool to support parents in teaching children the principles of earning, saving and managing money in an exciting and non-threatening way, while providing them with an entry point into the world of cryptocurrencies.”

Although there are 2.2 billion children in the world, Pigzbe sees their target market as the 205 million children who get up to $15 pocket money each week, and they believe blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the key technology to achieve their ambitions.

To cap off their stellar month, the team have also managed to negotiate a partnership with Wirex which will allow easy spend of Wollo through the Wirex Visa card. Wirex are the only company in Europe with a debit card that is linked to users’ crypto wallets, allowing them to convert crypto and spend  in over 40 million retailers.

This is the perfect partnership for Pizbe as it will allow children to earn Wollo as pocket money through the App and spend it anywhere. Pigzbe is well-established to play a lead role in their core mission of educating the future generation about financial literacy and a truly cashless, borderless financial system.

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