Tenzorum take a step towards simplifying blockchain transactions with TENZ-ID

If blockchain was invented by a loyalty professional rather than a reclusive nerd like Satoshi, the experience would be quite different.

For one thing a public crypto key wouldn’t look like this:


If Satoshi, Buterin and rest had any UX street-smarts they would have developed keys which are less terrifying and more consumer-friendly. Let’s face it, most people these days can’t even remember their parent’s and partner’s phone numbers.

Fortunately, blockchain developers Tenzorum have addressed the issue by creating TENZ-ID.

TENZ-ID allows Ethereum users to create their own user-friendly ID to sit on top of their scary, ugly public key.

I trialled TENZ-ID and in a matter of seconds I had created my new identity; phil.tenz-id.xyz

It’s much easier to remember and it actually works. Don’t take my word for it. Send some ETH to phil.tenz-id.xyz and I’ll tell you if I receive it 😊

Simplifying interaction with blockchain transactions is critical if cryptocurrency ownership is to be mainstreamed. Tenzorum have created something really cool with the novice user in mind to make this new-fangled technology just that little bit less terrifying.

Create your own TENZ-ID at Tenzorum

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