Could TaTaTu be the ultimate blockchain marketing play?

Here at Loyalty & Reward Co we luuuurve Netflix. Max loves El Chapo, Stacey loves Suits, Kate loves Chef’s Table and I love Rick & Morty. If only we could earn cryptocurrency while we’re watching Netflix. Now that would be cool.

Enter TaTaTu, who have recently raised US$575m via ICO to build a Netflix competitor which aims to reward viewers with TTU cryptotokens for watching premium content, with the cost of the tokens covered by advertising revenue. It’s the ultimate blockchain marketing play.

The TaTaTu platform isn’t limited to movies but also offers music videos, sports, gaming and more.

New members are rewarded instantly. When signing up for TaTaTu they receive 50 TTU in their digital wallet which can be unlocked by viewing a further 50 TTU of content, effectively providing the member with 100 TTU. And all this on top of the content being free. Take that, Netflix! That’s what you get for destroying television.

TaTaTu have a referral program where members can invite family and friends to join and earn even more TTU. Member can also earn TTU for posting images, videos and more, although details of how this works aren’t provided.

When joining TaTaTu, members are asked for permission to be contacted via email, phone, SMS and automated call. They’re also asked to provide further consent for data sharing; “We would also like to pass your details onto third parties such as AdMob and Spot X. This allows us to provide advertising and information that is most relevant and interesting to you. If you consent, please tick to confirm.”

It sounds kind of scary, but would it be rude to say no?

When it looks like it’s all over, a looooong page of additional consent requests are displayed (republished in full) with the option to agree to each consent separately via toggle buttons:

We provide the most suitable ads by sharing and using your personal data. We also offer rewards based on the advertising served to you – without telling advertisers who you are.

Please review the following data sharing. The good news is that you have control over your information.

We reward you for watching and posting great content. In order to make this happen, you will receive relevant advertising and promotions by third-party providers AdMob, AdSense and Spot X.

Yes, I consent

You have a great opportunity to advertise what your business or latest project is all about. We will process advertising orders that you have submitted. This allows you to go ahead and tell the world about your great company or organisation.

Yes, I consent

We are keen that you know about any changes that might affect you. Nothing ever stands still, and that includes the way we provide a service that you can enjoy. But why do we have to send you a whole contract? Well, when you enter into an agreement with us, you do so to protect your rights as well as our terms of service – so that everything is crystal clear. We’ll tell you about any changes that might affect you. And we’ll do this occasionally with our updated terms.

Yes, I consent

You get rewarded with TaTaTu tokens – and you get to decide how you spend them. This is the best bit. When you earn tokens for watching and posting, we process those rewards. But we leave it up to you to manage the sharing of TTU tokens between you and the people you’ve invited to the platform.

Yes, I consent

After you’ve done earning all those tokens, the last thing you want is to lose them. That’s why you need a wallet – to keep them safe. Your transactions will be managed when exchanging TTU tokens with users or sending to crypto exchanges using an Ethereum wallet. Plus they will be recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain and within the financial software for tax reporting purposes. Because it’s on the Blockchain, it’s all there for you to see.

Yes, I consent

So that you receive ads about the things you like – rather than things you’re not interested in – we are keen to connect from touch from to time. We’ll only send information about the subjects which you have requested. This might include campaigns, appeals, fundraising activities, advertising or promotions of our associated companies goods and services. Occasionally we might ask for your views or comments on the services TaTaTu provide – because we want to make the platform work for you.

Yes, I consent

Occasionally we might check out what you’re watching or posting. Again, we want to recommend things that you tell us you enjoy. We’re using Google Analytics to help us do this, a standard add-on for any platform or website.

Yes, I consent

Yes, I consent, Master. I will obey. What is your command?

This is literally the most terrifying registration process on the planet. And we started our relationship so well, TaTaTu!

With the registration process complete, and the App downloaded, I’m ready for a long weekend of TaTaTu consumption to rack up my TTU. Excitingly, my kids are mad gamers but up until this point in their life I’ve refused to let them play other than for special treats. Now, I can give them access to my TaTaTu account and allow them to play as many games as they like to boost my TTU earn capacity. I’ve effectively just monetised my kids.

Isn’t blockchain wonderful!

Loyalty & Reward Co forecasts that more consumers will come to own cryptocurrency via blockchain loyalty and blockchain marketing programs than directly via exchange trading. Major plays by companies such as TaTaTu give us great confidence this will eventuate within the next 2-5 years.

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