Demand Film brings blockchain to the big screen

Cinema patrons now have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by going to the movies thanks to a new blockchain loyalty program by Demand Film.

Demand Film, a cinema-on-demand distributor operating in seven countries, including the USA, UK and Australia, have launched their own cryptotoken; Screencreds.

Patrons who buy movie tickets, view and share trailers, and write movie reviews via will earn Screencreds, which they can then hold to see if the value rises (pending an exchange listing) or trade for movie tickets, VIP events and other money-can’t-buy experiences. They’ll also be able to trade on an exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

Screencred earn will be based on influence. The more people who see the shared trailer, and the more people that then buy tickets to the screenings, the more Screencreds the member will earn.

Demand Film is a favourite of the indy-film scene, providing a cinema platform for niche films which would otherwise struggle to get a big screen showing around the world. The key to Demand Film’s success is community.

Individuals or groups wishing to organise a showing of a particular movie simply fill in a form on Demand Film then sort out the details and build a customised screening page. They then support the individual or group to promote the film to their community via social media and other means. And there’s no risk; if not enough tickets are sold, the event simply doesn’t go ahead.

Demand Film has done a superb job in building relationships with major cinema chains, who are delighted for their empty seats to be filled mid-week, which is when most Demand Film screens are held.

As an international company, having their own cryptotoken provides another advantage for Demand Film; they can pay royalties to filmmakers in Screencreds to reduce costs associated with international transfer fees and exchange rates. It will also mean faster payments for filmmakers, with Demand Film moving from a quarterly payment schedule with fiat currencies to a real-time payment schedule with Screencreds.

Demand Film plans to run an ICO later in the year, and have already established social media channels, such as Telegram, to build an investor community.

With 40 titles released across six countries in the last two years, and plans to roll out across continental Europe and Asia, crypto investors are likely to be excited about the potential of Demand Film’s blockchain loyalty play. Nearly all other blockchain loyalty approaches around the world have

been by start-ups with no existing market. Demand Film brings an established business with quality partnerships and a global presence, which is likely to provide potential ICO investors a great deal of confidence.

Philip Shelper is an advisor to the Demand Film ICO.

Philip Shelper is a loyalty management consultant based in Sydney, Australia who obsesses about everything to do with loyalty and rewards. His company Loyalty & Reward Co are a leading loyalty consulting firm.

Phil is the author of Blockchain Loyalty: Disrupting loyalty and reinventing marketing using cryptocurrencies. Buy the book. is a global resource centre for everything blockchain loyalty.

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