Unify Rewards

View our world-first blockchain loyalty research project video and research findings from Unify Rewards.

Unify Rewards was run at University of NSW, Sydney in 2017.

When researching blockchain loyalty, the team came to realise that despite many blockchain loyalty companies coming into existence, no one had conducted any formal research to determine whether members of a loyalty program would find earning a cryptocurrency to be more engaging than earning loyalty points. We set-up a 5 week trial at University of NSW, Sydney to conduct the world’s first blockchain loyalty research project.

Here is the research paper which details the outcome, demonstrating rewarding members of a loyalty program with a cryptocurrency can indeed drive greater engagement than with loyalty points.

Unify Rewards – A Cryptocurrency Loyalty research project

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Phil is the author of “Blockchain Loyalty: Disrupting loyalty and reinventing marketing using cryptocurrencies.”
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