EZToken Rewards

EZToken Rewards launched in Australia on June 26, 2018 with 80 participating retailers, making it the biggest blockchain loyalty program in the world at the time 

With more & more ICO’s failing, how can a blockchain loyalty ICO succeed?

ICORating’s “ICO Market Research Q2 2018” report delivers a very clear message for blockchain loyalty companies looking to ICO

Unify Rewards

View our world-first blockchain loyalty research project video and research findings from Unify Rewards.


What has us most excited is Liven’s plans to turn Liven Cash into cryptotoken LivenCoin (LVN)

Koin Rewards set to shake-up the UK loyalty industry

New blockchain loyalty play Koin Rewards is set to disrupt the UK loyalty industry.

Why loyalty is the killer app for blockchain

Through loyalty, blockchain companies can ultimately separate their cryptotoken from a dependence on exchange trading, where market sentiment can no longer affect them.

Singapore Airlines Launches ‘KrisPay’, A Blockchain Digital Wallet

‘KrisPay’, will allow frequent flyers to convert Krisflyer airmiles into digital currency.

Trippki Aims To Disrupt OTA’s With A Blockchain Loyalty Play

Trippki is a blockchain-powered hotel booking platform aiming to deliver value to hotels and guests in three areas:

Momentum blockchain loyalty program. Have they got the tokenomics right?

We wish Momentum all the best, but have concerns their tokenomics haven’t been given the consideration required.

Creation of a new cryptotoken; GlanceCoin

Glance Technologies Inc., a Vancouver based company have announced plans to launch a blockchain-based rewards platform.