Tapcoin by Hooch; starting with scale is the secret to success

Hooch is an existing hospitality perks app with over 200,000 users who currently enjoy discounts at over 100,000 hotels, restaurants and bars.

Bricks and mortar marketplaces powered by blockchain are definitely a thing

As a bricks and mortar retailer, your ultimate aim should be to convert as many customers as possible,

Blockchain Loyalty News | Phil’s Expert Insights | Scarcity

Phil discusses the core difference between blockchain loyalty programs & points-based loyalty programs. It’s all about SCARCITY.

Blockchain Loyalty Book Review

Independent review by Annich McIntosh, Monday, 13 August 2018 13:20

Cloud Union Is Exploring Moving Wonder Rewards To The Blockchain

Loyalty & Reward Co recently attended LoyaltyLive in Chicago, the world’s first blockchain and loyalty conference. There we mingled with some of the brightest minds on the planet who were all seeking an answer to the question, ‘does blockchain have a meaningful role to play in loyalty?’

Cryptocurrencies are the perfect alternative to loyalty points. Here’s why.

Most blockchain loyalty programs which have launched in the last few years have been start-ups who have developed their own cryptotoken.

Interview with Yves Benchimol, CEO & Co-founder of Universal Reward Protocol

After my recent blog article where I outlined the Universal Reward Protocol proposition, I engaged with their CEO

Tap project: a nice gamification play for gamers

Tap coin is an Ethereum based token that gives game players the ability to export game currency and use it in other games, opening a new path for decentralised virtual game currency where players control their winnings.

Tenzorum take a step towards simplifying blockchain transactions with TENZ-ID

If blockchain was invented by a loyalty professional rather than a reclusive nerd like Satoshi, the experience would be quite different.

Philip Shelper to present at Loyalty Live, Chicago

Philip Shelper will be presenting at Loyalty Live which runs from October 16th-18th in Chicago. Phil will deliver an overview of ‘The Tokenomics of Blockchain Loyalty.’ He will also participate in a conference panel discussion. The conference is sponsored by major players including DigitalBits, CoinPayments, Arcadia Crypto Ventures, CoinMarketCap and Chicago Blockchain Center. Tickets are

Here’s a way to connect wholesalers and consumers via a cool blockchain play

Having recently come across this platform, I think it’s quite nifty. Buying.com’s claim:

Blockchain Loyalty News | Review of EZToken Rewards | Stacey’s Stars

Stacey is a proud pioneer of women in blockchain and regularly contributes to www.blockchainloyalty.io, a global resource centre for everything blockchain loyalty.

Unify Rewards

View our world-first blockchain loyalty research project video and research findings from Unify Rewards.

Stablecoins – the next big thing in cryptocurrency

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that’s price pegged (i.e. fixed at a certain amount) to a real-world asset such as gold, or the dollar.

Philip Shelper to panel for ‘The Satoshi Decade With Mark Pesce’

Philip Shelper has been invited to join a panel of expert entrepreneurs to reflect on the challenges, opportunities, and journey through what can only be called “The Satoshi Decade”.

GOeureka aim to shape the future of online hotel bookings

GOeureka are boldly stepping into the highly saturated online travel booking space, but with a blockchain marketing play