Will Facebook Coin Replace Visa, Mastercard & Bitcoin?

Nuggets News video interview featuring Loyalty & Reward Co CEO, Phillip Shelper.

APAC Blockchain 2019

APAC Blockchain Conference 2019 is set to take place from 22 – 24 July 2019 in Sydney.

Entire cities are going digital

UK & Israel based technology company Colu has signed a deal with UK’s Belfast City Council to launch a new city cryptotoken called Belfast Coin.

Rakuten take a small but strategic step into blockchain loyalty

There hasn’t been much known movement from Rakuten in the blockchain loyalty space for quite some time, until

Blockchain Loyalty News | Max’s Month In Review | Payments

Max reviews 3 companies that have a payment card product, which allows traders to spend cryptocurrency at point of sale.

Facebook blockchain loyalty: It’s coming.

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is seeking $1 billion of investment to launch a cryptocurrency stablecoin.

English Premier League club West Ham United partners with Socios to launch digital fan token

If, like me, you were wondering when cryptocurrency adoption may be mainstreamed and the industries that might drive

Blockchain Loyalty News | Review of Pigzbe | Stacey’s Stars

This month Stacey reviews blockchain loyalty program Pigzbe, a gamified digital piggy bank for kids powered by the

Blockchain Loyalty News | Review of Tenzorum | Stacey’s Stars

As loyalty specialists, we’re always looking for ways to make the user experience as simple as possible

Is qiibee achieving scale where others have failed?

qiibee are a blockchain loyalty platform which allows retail merchants to create their own branded token to provide to members as a reward.

Loyyal announces v2.0 platform release

Loyyal, an enterprise blockchain loyalty platform provider, has announced the launch of version 2.0 of their Loyyal Product Suite.

TaTaTu is TaTaToast

TaTaTu is a Netflix competitor which rewards viewers with TTU cryptotokens for watching premium content, with the cost

An interview with Chuck Ehredt – CEO and Co-Founder of Currency Alliance

Recently Loyalty & Reward Co caught up with Chuck Ehredt who has been active in the blockchain loyalty

Unify Rewards

View our world-first blockchain loyalty research project video and research findings from Unify Rewards.

Blockchain Loyalty News | Max’s Month In Review | Role of Blockchain in Loyalty

In this video, Max briefly covers 3 platforms which are making some wonderful headway in the blockchain loyalty space. 


To understand the significant opportunity for cryptocurrencies to be used to power loyalty programs, it is essential to review the history of different currencies within loyalty programs.

Blockchain Loyalty News | Phil’s Expert Insights | Desirable Currencies

Phil explains that the most immediate opportunity for mainstreaming blockchain loyalty is using the major cryptocurrencies to drive

Arcadier is using blockchain to bring transparency to marketplaces

I recently attended Blockchain Sydney Enterprise Focus #1 where I heard from both the CEO and CTO of Arcadier. I was impressed by the expertise